Welcome to my Blog!

I have always wanted to write a blog. I tried it before, but after just a couple of entries, I stopped. I ran out off stuff to write. And, when I write, I don’t even know if someone would bother to read it. It makes me wonder how people do it: always find something to write about, and build an audience who reads what they write. Maybe that was the problem: that worried about too much about what to write, and who will be my readers. So, I thought, what about I write a personal creative journal? Write about the things that inspires me? the struggles of being an art student? and, just creating art in general? Perhaps, with all those, I shouldn’t ran out of things to write since being a creative is a cycle of inspiration, struggles and creation.

The goal of this blog is to serve as my creative journal, that I’m hoping may help some people along the way. This blog will contain my inspirations for my school and personal projects, essays I wrote for school, personal art opinions, struggles of an art student, and some of my personal works.

I hope this blog will be able to help and inspire other creatives. And, in return, I hope to get some response and ideas from other people as well.

With all that said, I welcome you to my blog!

-Michael Jazul

(Note: English is not my native language, so pardon me if there will be some grammatical errors and some incomprehensible phrases.)

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