First Impression: Sony A6000

Yesterday (5/16/2017), I got the Sony A6000. My original plan was to get the Sigma 17-50mm lens for my Nikon D71000. BestBuy didn’t have in stock, but so I just looked around for good deals. Then I saw this little camera, the A6000 selling for $700+ with 2 lenses.. I also remember seeing a photo from Flickr that I really liked that was taken by this camera. So I got interested on it having experienced using mirrorless camera before (Fuji X100), I know this camera will come in handy with my style of photography. To make the story short, I got it.

My first impression at the way it looked was it’s sooooo small!! Even small than the X100 I had! If you have been following me on Instagram, you’ll see I post alot of cellphone photos. I always like to take pictures everywhere I go, so I really like to have a camera this small that I can carry around all day as a replacement for cellphone camera.

Another thing I liked was the WIFI connectivity. I always enjoyed taking pictures on my cameraphone and being able to share them instantly. We’ll this camera offers that as well!! I mean, you still need a phone to connect to, but still!! 

Photo quality is okay. I personally liked the image quality of the x100 compared to A6000. But, A6000 has better low-light capability!! It’s better even compared to my Nikon D7100 and D7000.

Overall, I know it was an impulsive buy. Pretty much a representation of my photography, impulsive and intuitive. I know I slowed down a bit since selling my X100 because I can’t bring my bulky DSLR anywhere. I think it’s impulsive but a smart buy for me. At least I can try to bring back the same mojo during my X100 days. 

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