Semester Update (Fall ‘17)

So, I haven’t posted in awhile since I’ve been busy since classes started. This week I have some free time because we just had our crit yesterday, finished my photo project ahead and taken midterm exam in Photo History. So yeah, it’s kind of crazy we’re in the middle of the semester already, and I’m so excited to be a regular Junior student next semester (right now, I have sophomore classes left behind).

Few Updates on my classes,

Fibers & Ceramics- These were some classes I took out of curiousity, and amazingly enjoying them. In Fibers right now, we’re about to start our project number #1, and I’m planning of making either a Barong Tagalog or Bihis Mayaman, which might be challenging for someone whose just learning how to sew, but whatever, I enjoy it. I enjoy all the exercises we did especially stamp printing (well, I consider myself as a 2D artist, so it kinda makes sense). In all my classes, I probably spend most of my time working on Ceramics. In my project #1 (16inch animals), I spent alot of time working on this gigantic tarsier which after the crit broke and from there, I knew I flunk the project. So, I spent more time working on my project #2, and I made a Vanitas still life, which is some much better than my first project (technique-wise). And, I think I did well, based on yesterday’s crit. Oh, and I’m so excited to interview an amazing ceramicist for the class, and I’ll be posting about it here whenever I finished the interview..

Photo courses (Photographic Image, History of Photo, and Darkroom Photo) - One strategy I’ve been using in picking my classes for the semester is finding related courses, because I tend to remember things easily if they are related to other class, thus making both class a bit easier. Photographic Image (HB GenEd), we probably talk about photo only 25% of the time and most discussion is social work related. But, everytime we talk about photography in the class, I could relate easily since we also talk about how to look at photographs in History of Photography and Darkroom photo. I think I’m doing just fine it that class, since I’ve been submitting weekly assignments. History of Photo, I’ve been reading and watching documentaries about the history of photography even before I went to school for photography, so it’s amazing how much more interesting things I didn’t know. I personally love that class! And like I said, what I learn from this class, I apply in Darkroom in Photographic Image. The second course I spend the most time on is Darkroom Photo. I have so much free time in between classes, so either I go to the Darkroom or the Ceramics studio. Both classes to me is very relaxing, that working outside class in my own time feels like meditation. This darkroom class is my 3rd (I took 2 classes in MontCo which Temple didn’t credit), but all is fine to me because I personally like working in the Darkroom. But every courses, I try to atleast to master something new. My first darkroom class, it was learning the basics. The second one, working with medium format and split-filtering. This class, I’m trying to master the control in print ala Pablo Inirio and so far so good, if what I’ve been doing (my personal theory’s about printing) is correct, then probably I’m on my way to master it (hopefully).


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